Viewings without owners presence

If you are the owner of a property in Bulgaria and want to sell it, but you are out of the country and can not negotiate or you are unable to show the property to a potential buyer for various reasons, we can take care of this.

Bulgarian Property Resales is offering you “Viewings without owner’s presence” service.

What does it mean?

1. We will organize viewings of your property instead of you. We will schedule time, date and day to view your property with potential buyers. Our team of professionals will represent your property to prospective buyers in the best way.

2. We will continue communicating with all the potential buyers for your property and provide the information they need.

3. We will lead the negotiations with the potential buyer to reach a deal on favorable terms for you.

4. We will provide you with all the legal and tax information regarding the transfer of your property.

5. We will provide you with all the information about any potential buyers and viewing trips already done.

6. We will assist you in preparing the necessary documents ownership transfer of the property to the buyer (documents of the property, contracts, powers of attorney), paying the required fees for them and representation of the transaction in case of need. The costs of preparation of the documents and representation of the transaction is paid extra.

What is the price of all this?

Our price is fixed and is determined by the location of the property and inspections made until the sale. This service can be combined with another one of our services called “Property Advertisement”. In this case we will take care for everything from the beginning to the very end when the sale is finished and both sides- buyer and seller are happy.

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