There is a brand new town in construction -20 km from Sofia

There is a brand new town in progress, just 20 km away from the city of Sofia. It is located in the outskirts of Plana mountain between Sofia and Samokov. Its name will be “The hills of Plana”.

According the plans and the project, there will be up to 3000 houses in the next 7 years.

Emil Magriso- a manager of the project says: “In the town there will be kindergartens, a primary school, shopping mall, fitness, restaurants etc. In general, all the amenities needed by the people who will live there.”

The idea to make a whole new town belongs to the Israeli businessman Avinoam Katrieli who lives in Bulgaria for 10 years. He says he has bought 2,000 decars in Plana mountain because of the gorgeous view, which reveals from there, all these green hills and fresh air. Avinoam Katrieli – the owner of the project says: “In this plot of 2000 decars, there are only 22 decars of trees. But we have no intentions to cut them down, even will plant new ones.”

To facilitate an access to the new town, the road which passes through the village of Plana, will be repaired and at the same time a new road will be done which will go through the village of Gorni Okol. All the costs will be covered by the owner of the land, as well as those for the installation of electricity and water to all future buildings. In addition to the power line that will be installed, there will be also a solar system which will help avoiding problems with electricity during the winter.

Avinoam Katrieli also says: “We want to give an opportunity to the middle class citizens who live in Bulgaria, to buy properties here with very good conditions for them. We also hope that we can get back some of the Bulgarians who have left the country. We are talking about more than one million and 400 thousand young Bulgarians living here permanently ”

The price of the houses in the new town will be equal to the three-room apartments in the districts of Sofia. There will plots for sale as well.

The construction is expected to begin in the spring, and experts from the Ministry of Economy say that there will be at least 500 people hired.


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