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1. The following terms and conditions arrange the relations between “Metaxa Invest” ltd, UIC: 202351256, Elhovo town, Indzhe vojvoda 2 street and the users who are using www.Bulgarianpropertyresales.com.

2. www.Bulgarianpropertyresales.com is a website for real estate resales in Bulgaria. www.Bulgarianpropertyresales.com is owned by “Metaxa Inves” LTD. In these Terms “Metaxa Inves” Ltd. will be identified as the owner of www.bulgarianpropertyresales.com

3. Any person who has loaded www.bulgarianpropertyresales.com or has been transferred to it, to be acquainted closely with these Terms and if the person does not want to use the services of www.bulgarianpropertyresales.com, or doesn’t want to provide data and information or doesn’t want to have an access to data and information, should immediately leave the site.

4. Www.bulgarianpropertyresales.com service users agree to receive a weekly newsletter.


1. Ads can be posted by persons who wish to enter into a single transaction (hereinafter referred to as “individuals”) and those who enter into such transactions by occupation (hereinafter referred to as “real estate agencies “).
2. Each ad should contain information about only one property for sale.
3. The completion of ad forms should be done accurately, otherwise the site administrators reserve the right to edit, modify or delete listings with false or incorrect content. The published information should be specified to the announced property.
4. Announcements posted in violation of these Terms and Conditions, whether published free of charge or paid, will be deleted without any compensations
5. The site www.bulgarianpropertyresales.com is entitled to prohibit the publication of certain phones, IP- addresses or e-mail addresses of which are carried out systematic violations of the rules for posting ads in www.bulgarianpropertyresales.com.
6. “Metaxa Invest Ltd. is not responsible for the accuracy and timeliness of published ads. The entire responsibility for the accuracy and timeliness of published ads is a responsibility of the person who has published them. In fact, the publication poster declares that in the ads or ad does not contain misleading information.
7. Individuals can post ads in www.bulgarianpropertyresales.com only after registration with email and password. Individuals have the right to publish three FREE ads at www.bulgarianpropertyresales.com
Www.bulgarianpropertyresales.com may impose restrictions on the free listings. These restrictions may relate to: delayed publication of the ad or part of it, the period of presence on the site and others.
8. With extra charge, the individuals ads can receive status RECOMMENDED (RECOMMENDED-ads) or TOP (TOP-offers). Top offers and recommended ads listings are limited by time presence on the site and enjoy certain preferences for visualization compared to other ads in www.bulgarianpropertyresales.com.
9. The status of the ad, listed by an agency may be: active or blocked.
9.1 Active ads are visible to all users of www.bulgarianpropertyresales.com and entail an obligation to pay a maintenance fee to the website.
9.2 Blocked ads are not visible to the users of www.bulgarianpropertyresales.com and there are no any obligations to pay the maintenance fee to the website.
10. Each newly introduced ad gets default status active unless selected otherwise.
11. Each ad can be corrected or deleted. The correction of the listings does not change their status. The status is changed only by its adjustment. Correction of information in the ad or its deletion is immediate (on-line) and not paid.
12. With extra charge, every ad can get a status TOP offer or RECOMMENDED listing. These posts enjoy certain preferences for visualization compared to other ads in www.bulgarianpropertyresales.com.
13. Any published ad can be commented by the users.


1. Real estate agencies and persons engaged in brokering can post ads in www.bulgarianpropertyresales.com only after registration and if their ads are resales. Registration leads to indicate that the publication execute transactions related to the property market by occupation.
2. Publication of resale listings of agencies at www.bulgarianpropertyresales.com site is free.
3. www.bulgarianpropertyresales.com has the right to deactivate the registration of a real estate agency who is doing systematic violations of the rules for posting ads.
4. www.bulgarianpropertyresales.com may refuse to reactivate the registration of a real estate agency who is committing systematic violations
5. Agencies can support an unlimited number of ads on the site, as this is not related to attempted premeditated fill the capacity of the service server site (flooding).


1. Payments for services offered through the site www.bulgarianpropertyresales.com of legal entities are carried at PayPal.com.
2. Payments from individuals can be made by bank transfer or PayPal.com.
3. The service prices are advertised on the site.
4. Undrawn amounts paid for services provided by www.bulgarianpropertyresales.com, are not recoverable.


1. These terms and conditions can be changed at any time by “Metaxa Invest” Ltd.in order to increase the quality of the services and the introduction of new ones. The changes may also result from changes in the Bulgarian legislation.
2. “Metaxa Invest” Ltd. reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions at any time and at its discretion. Changes are published on the official page of the website and enter into force on the day of publishing. Users of the site’s services have to check the updates to the Terms and follow the rules.
3. All the unsettled matters out of the Terms and Conditions, should be treated accordiung the current legislation in Bulgaria.
4. All the disputes arising between the users of the website and “Metaxa Invest” Ltd. are settled by a mutual agreement, and if this is not possible, the dispute will continue in front of the competent courts in Elhovo town, in accordance with the applicable Bulgarian legislation.