Property Management

Bulgarian Property Resales offers you a complete management of real estates located on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. From our very beginning until today, we have over 300 successfully leased properties including over 4,000 acres of agricultural land. We know how difficult is to rent out a property because of the many problems that arise – control over the condition of the property, incorrect payments and disloyalty on the part of tenants, problems in hiring, finding suitable tenants and many others, which subsequently led to a big headache. That is why Bulgarian Property Resales offers its customers – MANAGEMENT AND PROPERTIES RENTAL.

The service includes:

– Signing of rental contracts;
– Regular payment of the agreed rent or rent from the tenant;
– Regular payment of supplies in the use of the property (electricity, water, heating, telephone, etc.).
– Control over the condition of the property and keeping it in good shape by the Lessee;
– Permanent report to the Lessor for the conduct of the tenancy relations and the emergence of potential problems;
– Checking and payment of taxes and fees on behalf of the owner;
– Representation of the property owner to the general meeting of the owners (in condominiums), including organizing, controlling and reporting of common resources;
– Storing given deposits and using them in case of need;
– Informing the owner about the current condition of the property;
– Regular reports given to the owner;
– Organizing and conducting inspections of the property.

Management fees are determined depending on the type of the property and demanded services by the customer, amounted to 10% of the monthly rent.

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