Property Inspection

What does “Property inspection” mean?

When buying a property, you will want to be sure that you are making a good investment. There are some things that you can not notice if you have no experience with it. In this case our service a “Property inspection” comes. It is an integral part of property transactions.
Professionally administered inspection of the property will evaluate the structure of the house, all the systems that sustain life in it, no matter new or old they are. This information will be very usefull when the future renovations and repairs begin. Usually the property inspector will be able to offer you the services of a builder or construction company who are reliable and can do the job.

What is checked during a Property inspection?

All heating, cooling and electrical systems, water system, roof terraces, ceilings, the floors, energy efficiency and so on, will be checked by the Property inspector who will make sure that everything is fine. He may determine an indicative price correction where necessary, to know what and when should be fixed. Some inspectors offer and compare your property with similar properties to navigate where you are as a state. Definitely this is an important step which is good to be done, incase you are buying online or just dont have the experience to see all the advantages and disadvantages of the real estate you are willing to buy. The Property inspection will definitely save your money.

When you are buying a property not with a real estate agent, you better use the Property inspection service. The fees vary depending on the size of the property, but definitely not too high compared with the relief you will get. The thought that you will not need several thousand for a new roof or rewiring is wonderful, don’t you think?

You are buying your new home in Bulgaria through an agency but you don’t trust them. Ask for our Property inspection service and once you have the information delivered, this will give you the advantage to reduce the asking price.

The specialists from Bulgarian Property Resales will be always watching your back and you can buy with confidence.


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