Making a photo session

We from Bulgarian Property Resales present you one of our services “Capture property.” Given the advancement of technology you should know that one of the most important things for sale are the photos taken. We are offering two versions of capturing your property: Making a photo session of your property by a professional photographer or Capturing the property by drone. The steps that you should take if you want to use our service:

1.Fill in our contact form below, and do not forget to add:

• The address of the property;
• Size of the property;
• Desired service / photos by a professional photographer or shooting with drone;
• Date and time chosen by when we can make the photos;
• Your contact details, telephone and email;

2.You will receive an invoice which should be paid on your email.

3. At the defined day and time, our photographer will come and will make the photo.

4.Three days after the photo session, you will get the photos which we have taken for you.

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