Legal Services

Buying and selling real estates is a well settled law and legal issue. In this type of transaction, there are rules and procedures that protect the property and other property rights. Also ensure the effective acquisition and integrity of the property. If you want to make a deal where these conventions are per person, Bulgarian Property Resales encourages you to always use the services of a lawyer for help and advice on buying and selling a real estate. Based on the long experience of our team of professionals, we have created a system of legal services for our clients.

Bulgarian Property Resales offers you the following legal services:

-Free consultations;

-Helping with the preparation of documents which are necessary for purchasing a property;

-Checking the ownership rights;

-Checking for encumbrances (mortgages, lawsuits, etc.);

-Tax advices;

-Preparation of preliminary contracts and deeds;

-Checking all the documents related to the transaction, including third parties, in order to be sure that our clients are fully secured;

– If necessary we would provide representation for the conclusion of a transaction of sale of immovable property; / If necessary – for example, when you can not attend the signing of the deed or preliminary agreement, our lawyer or agent will represent you by a power of attorney, which will be signed by you.

All legal services we offer are performed by certified and proven lawyers.

We want to make the process of buying and selling as quick and hassle-free for you as possible and therefore only work with proven parties.

We work with the best lawyers in every region of Bulgaria. If you need one, just let us know.

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