Insurance of movable and immovable property:

Subject of this type of insurance can be movable or immovable property. The insured property includes both residential and trade buildings, other buildings of a special nature and adjacent to the property fences, outdoor playgrounds, swimming pools and more. To movable property belongs furniture, all kinds of equipment and appliances.

In primary insurance, cover includes damage and losses due:

• Fire (incl. Consequences of extinguishing the fire);

• lightning, explosion or implosion, aircraft, parts or cargo;

• Natural disasters (incl. Storm, hail, torrential rain, flood, natural accumulation of snow and ice, freezing, falling trees, branches, etc. External objects due to storm or hail);

• Accidents of Water;

• Landslide or rockslide, earthquake, short circuit and | or electric shock, malicious acts of third parties, damages and losses during transport when changing address;

• The cost of removal of debris, relocation, protection and preservation of insured property and / or loss of rental income;
• Broken permanently mounted lenses with the ability to cover “all risks”;

• Civil liability to third parties (incl. Damages caused to third parties as a result of fire, soaking fighting a fire or flooding of the insured object, which the Insured shall indemnify the basis tort);

• Burglary;

• Armed robbery, vandalism.

The insurance premium is based on the rates of insurance agency and depending on the type of property insured, the scope of coverage and specific risk factors.

Auto Insurance

Scope of insurance are all kinds of motor vehicles and the lives of occupants. Car insurance includes mandatory and voluntary in nature as insurance compulsory “civil liability” of motorists, Insurance, Auto Assistance and more. Here you will get full insurance coverage both within the country and abroad.

Medical travel insurance

Regardless of where you want to travel – on a vacation, trip or business dealings, here you can ensure your security and peace of mind against unexpected health or other problem suddenly occurred on the road. The object of insurance can be:

1. Bulgarian citizens temporarily residing abroad-
The insurance provides protection in case of accident and / or illness suddenly occurred during the journey or stay of the insured abroad. Regardless of the location of the insured, assistance company guarantees it possible to obtain highly qualified medical assistance as previously directed him to a specialized medical facility and, if necessary, provide transportation.

2. Foreigners who are staying short or long term in Bulgaria-
The insurance is entirely consistent with legal requirements and regulations in the country. Cover medical expenses and repatriation due to an accident or acute disease in insured sum of 30,000 euros (60,000 lev) and emergency dental care Limit 250 euros (500 lev).

Life Insurance

Life insurance is a personal investment in you and your family. Life insurance is necessary for you in case of adverse events such as death or disability, you or your loved ones to overcome financial difficulties.

Accident Insurance

The “Accident” insurances are different varieties and provide a wide range of insurance coverages. They can be individual or group. The insurance covers the risk of death in an accident, personal injury, loss of incapacity due to accident and other additional risks according to the wishes of the Insured.

With our help you can make all kinds of technical insurance, insurance of vessels Voluntary health insurance and pension insurance. If you are interested in the service that we offer, you can contact us.

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